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Dark Lustre: A Book in Six Parts

Dark Lustre: A Book in Six Parts

Author: Roy Wilkinson

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Dark Lustre is a book by Roy Wilkinson, in six instalments. Made-up stuff but rooted in our contemporary world. The narrative moves from North Devon to Bavaria and Berlin. There is mystery and mortality, on the Devon cliffs and across continental Europe. Improvisational investigator Tommy Quantox seeks solutions – to localised enigma and to our past century’s most insidious red herring. Three women have formed an astonishing rock band. SS porcelain, energy drinks, the Siberian jay and uplifting human endeavour are all part of a story that is both elliptical and fiercely lucid. Roy also wrote the acclaimed Sea Power-themed book Do It For Your Mum, praised by The Guardian in 2011 as “The year’s finest memoir.”

Note: The book is in six parts and a part will be posted each month until the purchaser has all six. It is not available in individual parts, only a whole, and the whole cannot be posted in one consignment - only as six seperate ones.


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