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Dartmoor 365

Dartmoor 365

Author: John Hayward

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The coincidence of there being 365 days in a year and—in 1990—365 square miles in the Dartmoor National Park was the acorn that grew into the oak tree of exploration that resulted in this book. 


Since 1991 there have been many changes to Dartmoor, not the least of which is that it grew to over 368 square miles. The Moor however is essentially the same, car parks may no longer all be free, people move on, but the tors, kistvaens, mines, reservoirs, stone circles—and so much more—remain.


This book divides up the Moor into 365 individual square miles and identifies a point of interest on every single one (well, with one exception). There are drawings, verses, tales of heroes—some lucky some not so—you'll learn history, geology and botany. Each page is dedicated to a single square mile with a grid reference to give you a fighting chance of finding the items.


Although there is a map to colour in the squares once you've found the items, this is not a book to simply check boxes: thus grid references are only 6 figures and occasionally you'll need to do some hunting; this is deliberate so that whilst you meet the Moor—or, as is normally the case, a Moor's mire meets you over the top of your boots—you'll come to love it


Publish Date: June 1, 2021

Type: Paperback

Pages: 389

Dimensions: 148 x 210 x 30 (mm)

ISBN: 9781916485310

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