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Author: Adalyn Grace

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Blythe Hawthorn has never let anyone tell her what to do... and she's not about
to start now.
Headstrong and passionate, she won't be ruled by society, or by her overprotective
father, and certainly not by the man she's bound herself to, no matter how insufferable he
is. She's determined to be a thorn in his side for the rest of her days, even as he ensues
that her life in his palace is anything but the decadent fairytale she imagined. But as
Blythe discovers a new side of herself linked to his past, she'll have to decide if she's
willing to let an unexpected spark ignite... and discover the real truth about who she is
WISTERIA is a sensational conclusion to the deathly and decadent Belladonna
trilogy, with dramatic twists


Publish Date: August 20, 2024

Type: Hardback

Pages: 432

Dimensions: 240 x 156 x 44

ISBN: 9781399726085

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